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Related article: Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2001 March 20. 42 0000 ( GMT ) From: soul_catcher2000 yahoo. co. UK Subject: Being Gay / chapter, a Be Gay message and warning : The following story contians sexual content of a homosexual nature. It intends to of law under the Best Lol Bbs minimum age. When the offense homosexual acts, or is illegal in your area of see how the material, stop reading now and go Note : This story is the property of the author ( Me! ) , each copy in whole or in part is prohibited by this document, , and leads to death ( yours! ) me hehe joke. by the way, this story is partially true and is based on real life events. my email if you want something to say u soul_catcher2000 yahoo. co. UK chapter one Funny, how u always seem to be obsessed with a person every once in a lifetime, and this person means so much that after u few days and can not bear the thought of not being there. always been there. Saturday morning I woke up, I thought, today is your going to be a big day. It felt good tothe first time in a long time. I had no idea why, but did not complain. I jumped through all the process of awakening in the morning, and returning to life return to reality. I always woke up and raved about Ryan, I dream he was there and smiled at me, was the most beautiful smile , so adorable. He had his arms around my waist as he moved in me, always seemed too good to me. I tried God knows I did, but I felt so helpless I can compare to him. The truth was that he was jealous of his good looks, his lovable personality, his warmth, you may still have a lot of how great he was. But I knew she loved him and pulled me for him, but I never thought that I have a chance with him. It had everything, money, friends, girls, the popularity of Best Lol Bbs everything. But I always had the feeling that something special. I laughed too I n most kids my age probably fantasize about sex with a girl who would be more gay guys my age probably fantasize about sex with a guy, I Fantasised fact that I hug and kiss a guy ! Ryan was my best friend, he always told me I was his best friend and I felt good. Knowing it was his, and he was mine. maybe even best friends, but it was something special. is currently the only thing I had planned the Best Lol Bbs review, there exams approaching and I wanted to do the job as much as you like to enable my laziness in the classroom. All that had to expect was a visit from Ryan. We were about to go together in a movie and I could not wait. the day and lasted until they arrived at 3:00. There was a knock Best Lol Bbs on the door and ran to open, has Ryan there with her ​​deep blue eyes, blonde hair like gold and the , of course, the charming smile, had a small dimple in chin if smile was so damn cute. " Hey Oz, or just going to be there like an idiot ? The film begins in 5 minutes! Going to happen. " " Hello. Ok, let's go. " I said. We say goodbye to my mother and left the theater was about 5 minutesminutes far from my house so we went. Although I had to walk always remind me that fall by the hand, I s always wanted to shake hands, I felt so strange. the film, I could not stop looking at Ryan, the use of in a denim jacket, white shirt and jeans. His blond hair contrast to his white board and his eyes reflected the light of the The movie screen. He looked so divine. He had his lovely smile on and turn me on much. Then he turned and looked at me. Her smile faded for a moment and looked at me strangely in. " Hmm. Memo u ok ? " " Who, me? Yes, yes I'm fine. Hehe " I laughed nervously. Ryan laughed, patted me on the shoulder. "It was a year and you're still just as fun," he joked, that was around me. That surprised me a bit, I felt so especially not Best Lol Bbs in the cinema, a film with one of the nicest guys in the world, and he had his arm n around me. I thought about how much I had missed the Last year he had retiredor see his aunt in the U. S. and was with it for a year. He seemed much more than that, we almost every day on the phone and always treated me cheer again. Her aunt was sick and she was old. He gradually Ryan dehydration and feared he would die soon. He had gone to depression, it meant much to him. I wondered if he was still taking medication, it was all strong, in fact, was the same drug that had taken 'probation, mild antidepressant. I could not stop looking at the angelic face of his s and I wonder if it was better now. I hoped he was But if he was not there, I would take care of him and through him the time hard, as it does for me. The movie was over before I realized I had begun, and Ryan stood up and blinked slowly, took my hand and left with me in tow. I could not believe I took the hand in public! I mean, Best Lol Bbs I had no idea he was gay, he probably felt safe , but that was when I decided I was going to say it was. we have pizza and hanging out with some old friends before the decision to to get home. I asked him to stay and he agreed. He said he just wanted to get some things from home. We both went on our possibilities, and I was waiting at home. Sitting at home, I could not stop thinking, I would say to him, s he deserves to know but was afraid. I do not want to think I'm a loser is what the losers were gay was. Yes, I knows I'm gay, but I have trouble accepting, but you can blame a me? After reading and hearing about all the things that happened gay to others, I was a little afraid of being gay. But it is as if he had a choice, so live with it and try to be happy. Well, s almost 19:00 and Ryan still was not here, so I decided to call a for the pizza. About 20 minutes later there was a knock at the door, I figured it would be the type of pizza, but it was Ryan. It was covered in mud and dirt, looked at me and smiled. I could not stop laughing. " own men ? " I asked, laughingit. He smiled, and began to explain how to help, someone tried to push the car in a small ditch, and there was plenty of mud, and so he got n dirty. He took off his shirt and I tried not to look, but I I could not help, it's so beautiful. He Best Lol Bbs was not muscular, but the body of his s is firmly defined and clear, and his skin was a perfect tanned texture, soft as silk, who masturbated thinking of all the is the time , and I know all the details Best Lol Bbs thereof. You know you need help! that painfully down the stairs and went to the shower. My mind went straight back to be worried. I tried to push the idea of ​​ in my head, but I was eerily similar. I had decided to say a Ryan, without even thinking about it, and now I have fear, but that did not mean he was going to go back on my decision. This was something that had to do, and I clear , that right there. An hour later, Ryan came into my room, I lay in my the bed thinking about how to tell. He smiled with that damn cute n sMilla. Her blond hair was wet, and had changed in pajamas. But I was distracted by my thought I was ready to punch, but could not. I held I think in my head. Then Ryan turned the TV and wondered if something was wrong. " Are you okay? You have been phasing out a lot lately," he said, with a worried face. I wanted to kiss him, but pushed to thought right out of my head. " Um. Yes Ryan I just wanted to say something, he Best Lol Bbs come a moment? " We asked a little worried. I realized that he turned off the TV and came and sat slowly next to me. I was sure he gave me a look that said : " ! Weirdo This guy really has problems, " But I thought it was paranoid. " Yes, what is wrong oz ? " He asked, trying not to look scared, I think. I took a deep breath. " Umm. , Umm I'm Ryan. I mean, I think I am. Am eh. " I hesitated and looked at me funny, like a freak, or was I something. " You're a what ? What is this? I'm confused around ?.. " The we asked half amused and half - n participants" No Ryan, I mean, "I said, a look of realization of the wine on his face, began to smile and said : \\ \\ n " Do you think you 're in love with my cousin right ? This is what is, right? Billy told me that u told him he was in love with it! Do you want just her ? " He laughed loud. " Why not just say so, or ? They are not afraid to have that, " laughed and patted me on the shoulder. " Ryan, I'm gay. "
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